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 Cynthia Putnam DePaul University
This is my teaching website for DePaul University.

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Teaching in Spring 2017

HCI 445: Inquiry Methods and Use Analysis

HCI 445 provides students with skills necessary to conduct, analyze and communicate user research. Topics include: (a) common methods for collecting user data (e.g., observation, interviewing, surveys); (b) analysis techniques to examine user research data; and (c) ways to document and communicate user research findings.

HCI 590 (Topics Course): Child-Computer Interaction

This course focuses on involving children in the process of the design of interactive technologies. Topics include: (a) ethical concerns when including children in technology design processes; (b) child development and other considerations when including children in design activities; (c) techniques and methods to include children in design activities; and (d) related research in Child-Computer Interaction. Students will practice design-partnering techniques and methods with children (aged 7-11) through participatory design sessions as they ideate, prototype, iterate and evaluate an interactive technology-based product/service designed for children.

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