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 Cynthia Putnam DePaul University
This is my teaching website for DePaul University.

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Teaching in Winter 2018

HCI 445: Inquiry Methods and Use Analysis

HCI 445 provides students with skills necessary to conduct, analyze and communicate user research. Topics include: (a) common methods for collecting user data (e.g., observation, interviewing, surveys); (b) analysis techniques to examine user research data; and (c) ways to document and communicate user research findings.

HCI 512: Information Visualization and Infographics

HCI 512 is a graduate level course focused on communicating information through visualizations. Students learn how to choose the most effective means to visualize the data they have for (a) their intended audience(s) and (b) for the message they intend to communicate. Students practice creating visualizations using a variety of tools and methods. Additionally, students will learn how to evaluate visualizations based on best practices and design principles.

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